For Rangers Chase Polo Belt


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Did you know that Elephant, Rhino and many other species are under threat of extinction in our lifetime? We are losing species at between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, caused almost entirely by human activity. 

That's why we've teamed up with Kenya based For Rangers for a very special collaboration of these artisan fair trade belts. A charity very close to our hearts, which supports a dedicated team of individuals who risk their lives daily to combat the African poaching crisis.

The leather belts are sourced and tanned in Kenya, with every belt hand crafted in a traditional Swahili design. 

The design on each belt is unique and is finished off with our Chase Distillery C debossed into the retaining loop.

By purchasing these belts you are not only supporting these local communities but also helping to protect rare and endangered animals from the devastation of poaching and extinction.


The recent demand for rhino horn and the resulting resurgence in poaching has reached catastrophic levels. The epidemic levels of rhino poaching in Africa has been well documented, with well over 100 rhino killed each year. The situation is even more dire for elephant, with some estimates suggesting that 100 elephants a day are being killed across Africa.  Protecting rhino and elephant requires large numbers of highly trained and dedicated rangers to protect wildlife against this onslaught. The monitoring of rhino involves skilled tracking and perseverance in thick bush. Long hours are spent amongst elephant, lion, buffalo and other dangerous animals in the pursuit of identifying and establishing the daily whereabouts, behaviour, and health of each individual rhino. The anti-poaching security team operates almost exclusively at night, in response to current trends of poachers. These men are on the front line and protecting these animals against heavily armed and ruthless gangs, as well as working in harsh, cold and uncomfortable conditions. Globally, over a thousand rangers have been killed in the line of duty since 2003.

100% of the money from your purchase goes to 'For Rangers' charity.

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