Maison Williams Chase is located just north of Aix-en-Provence, near the quaint picturesque village of Lourmarin, which is best described in Peter Mayle’s ‘A Year In Provence’.

At Maison Williams Chase the wine making starts in the vineyards, which extend over 40 hectares, and are covered in beautiful ‘vieille vignes’, or ‘old vines’. Planted during the 1960’s, the domaine has been producing exquisite wines from unique terroirs and an exceptional climate.

These low-yielding vines produce wines of exceptional quality, aided by the sunny climate and the cooling influence of the famous Mistral wind. Employing a similar ethos to producing his spirits in the UK, William insists on the very best production techniques, to guarantee that what is inside the bottle is truly very special.

Our head winemaker, Dale Clarke has been making exceptional wines all over the world for many years. Sharing William’s passion to create the finest wine possible, he has found home in the sun-soaked south of France.

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