Twelve Festive Spirits


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12 beautiful field to bottle spirits:

Here in Herefordshire, middle England, we distil and bottle our potatoes into our unique gins and vodkas. This field to bottle approach is what really makes us different. It is something you can taste for yourself in our multi award-winning vodkas and gins awaiting you behind these 12 doors. 

Our Pack includes:

1 x  5cl GB Gin

2 x  5cl Potato Vodka

1 x  5cl Elegant Gin

2 x 5cl Pink Grapefruit Gin

1 x  5cl Seville Marmalade Gin

1 x 5cl Sloe & Mulberry Gin

1 x  5cl Marmalade Vodka

1 x 5cl Rhubarb Vodka

1 x 5cl Smoked Vodka

1 x 5cl Elderflower Liqueur

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